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New Backlight V6 Kickstarter

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Date Added: 13/10/2014

A Comprehensive Guide To Nanoloop 2.x

Hey Everybody,

I've been heavily involved with the new nanoloop 2.7 release, and am really fascinated by the expanding potential of this software. In the interest of making it easier for others to use nl to its full potential, I have decided to put together a video tutorial series on the basics, advanced controls, and finally, how to get the most out of nl in an improvisational scenario.

I NEED YOUR HELP! Please aid me by either backing this project or by advertising this fundraiser on whatever feeds you may have access to. It would be extremely helpful, and if successful, would bring all kinds of new interest to this often underutilized and misunderstood piece of software.

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Date Added: 04/08/2014
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